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About AEI

Founded in Paris, France by a multicultural group of expats from the U.S., China, Germany and Nigeria, AEI has been fulfilling its mission to serve its member-artists and enrich the lives of audiences around the world since 2012.

From troubled teens in the Paris suburbs, to disempowered citizens across the Asian and African continents, to underserved children in the heartland of the U.S.A. — all with the help of both private and public support— our artists employ their exceptional skills as creative professionals and educators to inspire audiences and equip them to better meet the challenges they face in the world around them.

Uniting artists and audiences to share knowledge and experience of native cultural art forms across borders.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Arts Embassy International facilitates the implementation of cultural performance and education projects in the interest of bringing a diversity of rich cultural heritage to new audiences around the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Arts Education

— AEI exclusively sponsors projects that have clear pedagogical goals aimed not only at entertaining, but also at informing, educating and spurring dialogue with audiences of all ages.

Artist Support & Development

— AEI is committed to providing sponsored artists and performers with the tools and resources they need to best carry their message to the widest audience possible.

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