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Back in Paris - Making the rounds...

From intimate jazz clubs to Embassy balls - hitting the Parisian scene and gearing up for future concerts and other projects :-)

Chez Papa

The JAZZ club, not the chain of southwestern French restaurants.

Best steaks in town, best intimate classy vibe, and ALWAYS great music.

Chez Papa Jazz Club - 3 Rue Saint-Benoît, 75006 Paris - Rémi Toulon Trio

I was pleased to accompany yet another out of town guest to discover the latest creations of my friend and colleague Rémi Toulon (piano).

Check out his new disc "The Crave"! Excellent stuff!

Hobnobbing with Diplomats

Glad to get back to one of my favorite pastimes :-)

The last time the U.S. Embassy, Paris, had their Independence Day Event IN-PERSON, I and the KCME All-Star Soul Band WERE the entertainment!

Left to Right - Crystal Petit, Keri Chryst, Leslie Lewis of the KCME All-Star Soul Band; June 2019 at the U.S. Embassy, Paris in celebration of the 1969 Moon Landing.

And now that things are "getting back to normal", I was thrilled to be among the lucky (ahem!) "few" to be invited back to rub elbows with the bigwigs.

Lost in the crowd?

Despite the sea of people, I did manage to run into a few familiar faces - some of whom were quite unexpected surprises!

Another Great Band

And I have to admit - even if the KCME All-Stars had been "the best performance to date" for the event three years ago...

The Soldier's Chorus they hired this year was pretty darned awesome too!

Left to Right - This year's entertainment; Chris Snipes & Keri Chryst; Sophie Nadeau & Keri Chryst;

What a fabulous evening! I only regret that I didn't grab a photo with Marion Salvanet of Africa Regional Services. Ah well - we'll just have to meet up again soon!


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