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Caroling season in Chicagoland

With The Lola Bard Holiday Carolers ❤️💚🎶

Deck the Hall(s)

It's been a joyous whirlwind of #falala -ing from Western Indiana to Central Illinois, and all over Chicagoland and back!

The Best Troupe in Chicagoland

I truly love working for and with The Lola Bard Holiday Carolers.

CEO Rose Colella has brought together a mix-and-match team of top quality vocalists who are not only great at their craft, but who are also tons of fun to be with! 😁

Tell 'em I sent ya

When you're planning your next holiday event - please consider having us spread some extra special Holiday Cheer*!

*I highly recommend getting a quartet or even sextet for the best musical bang for your buck 👍🏽🎶


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