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Flashback: Cameroon Chronicles - Day 1 - Travel - Yaounde

Originally Posted by Keri Chryst on February 27, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Charles de Gualle airport, once again. About to board, and my boarding pass sets off a nasty beep accompanied by a flashing red light... "One moment, Madame..." the attendant zips over to a different desk and comes back carrying a new boarding card "You've been upgraded!". Cool! Unfortunately, they didn't put two and two together that I was traveling with Jeff... so, he's stuck at the back in our original seats. We agree that this isn't such a bad thing, since I really shouldn't be talking much right now, and need to get as much rest as I can since I've been sick all week.

I settle in next to a stranger instead in my... I don't know what they call it... "Advanced Economy" seat or somesuch... less than Business Class, but more than Coach. Not too shabby. It's only a 6 hour flight, and during the day at that. So nothing much to report. We arrive in Youande under the cover of darkness and are whisked off to our hotel - the Djeuga Palace. Though nothing will top the Kempinski in Djibouti, we're pleased to see that we're in a welcoming and comfortable environment, with some of the amenities that can make this kind of travel that more tolerable (hair dryer, in-room safe, free wi-fi...).

We're greeted by Mignon Cardenty (Omar-from-Djibouti's wife!) and Mathias Tientcheu who will be taking care of us for the rest of the trip. After a tasty and relaxing meal in the hotel restaurant - I take the local classic "Ndolé" and Jeff dares to try the Porcupine wrapped in some kind of leaf - Mignon leaves us to rest up for tomorrow's day of rehearsal and performance at the Ambassador's residence. It's nice to know that we'll be staying in one place for the first few nights, and therefor have a chance to settle in a bit and spread out in the room for some much needed R&R.


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