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Nebraska - I'm comin' for ya!

April in Paris — MAY in Grand Island :-)

NAC + GIPS = 3 weeks of Jazz making

I'm thrilled to bits that a whole new city has opened its doors to my Jazz Machinations :-)

Thank You Hastings

Following half a dozen (or more?) successful trips to Hastings, NE to spread the Jazz to kids literally from 1 to 92 ...

Hello Grand Island!

The Grand Island Public Schools (GIPS) have finally caught wind of my work and with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC) are bringing me in for 3 weeks to work with a whole slew of Grand Islanders!

I'll work with the High School Big Band and Choirs in preparation for an annual dance band gig at the end of the week :-D

I'm extra excited that John Jacobs and Jesse LaBrie have commissioned some special arrangements for me to sing with both groups!! Woohoo!!

For the 2nd week, I'll be touring throughout the district's 3 Middle Schools doing a combination of performances, lectures, clinics and Q&A on topics surrounding

And to top it all off, the 1st of the district's 14 Elementary Schools will get to try their hand at improvising alongside the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald

(vi-Keri-ously, bien sûr).

For more about the Scat Cat Sessions...

Special Thanks

to Dr. Evan Lee of GIPS and Anne Alston of the NAC for making this possible!


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