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Schools & Jazz Clubs & Big Bands - Oh My!

November Whirlwind — part 1/3

From Des Moines, to Lincoln, Omaha, and back through Creston, Saint Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis and Ann Arbor... Where to start?

Let's start at the very beginning

A very good place to start...

School Visits...

Omaha, NE

UNO Jazz Band

A quick stop and a coffee break to catch up with Pete Madsen and check out the facilities at University of Nebraska, Omaha. Swingin'!

UNO Jazz Band Rehearsal

West Des Moines, Iowa

Valley High School

Stopped in to visit my new friend Heather Nail, and ended up working with 2 of her fabulous ensembles, Vox & Vocalese, as a little extra prep for their upcoming festival performances in Kansas City. Groove was in the house!

Valley High School's "Vocalese" at M-Pact festival Kansas City 2021

Valley High School's "Vox" at M-Pact festival Kansas City 2021

Creston, Iowa

School for Music Vocations (SMV)

Another quick stop to see my old school chum and amazing arranger and educator Jeremy Fox in his natural habitat. Just enough time to catch the end of a tune or two, and to get an oil change for my rental (gulp!).

SMV singers preparing for the Holiday times...

And from there it was on to Kansas City... But more about that in the next installment.

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