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A month in review...

Wrapping up a month plus+ of touring activities across the Midwest...

Top Notch Bands

From duos to 22-piece jazz orchestras

I'm so pleased to be hooked in to some of the top musicians across i-80! It's been great making music with you all in Chicagoland, Lincoln, Michigan... and I can hardly wait to do it again!

Left to right:
  • 12-PIECE - Jazz Showcase - Chicago, IL - w/ Jeff Hedberg & C11

  • DUO - Artisan - Traverse City, MI - w/ Matt Lorusso (g)

  • 18-PIECE -The Venue - Aurora, IL - w/ Pete Ellman Big Band NFP & Elmhurst Univ. Jazz Ens.

  • QUINTET - Storm Cellar - Lincoln, NE - w/ Jeff Jenkins (p), Hans Sturm (b), Joey Gulizia (dr) & Scott Vicroy (sx)

  • TRIO - Unitarian Arts Center - Lincoln, NE - w/ Tetsuya Nishiyama (g) & Hans Sturm (b)

  • 18-PIECE - Elmhurst Hall - Elmhurst, IL - w/ Shout Section Big Band

  • Elmhurst hall Dancers :-)

NOTE >> I also got musician peeps in :

Kansas City, Saint Louis, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio — have band, will travel!

So keep us in mind for your upcoming entertainment needs ;-)


K-12-College Education

Kids from 1 to 92

Instrumental and/or vocal - I've had so much fun meeting and working with folks across Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio...!

Funding Available !

Reminder — Since I'm a Teaching Artist Roster Member for OAC & NAC....

Educational programs may be fully or partially funded through the Ohio Arts Council or Nebraska Arts Council for qualifying organisations.

Contact me to learn more about how to make this happen!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:


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