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So, about Arts Embassy International...

And how we help each other "Experience Cultural Unity Across Borders through the ARTS"

Born in the summer of 2012

June 2012, Paris, France — Following a string of successful outreach programs performed on behalf of the U.S. State Department, Founder/Artist/Educator — Keri Chryst — banded together with an international team of like minded individuals to form the non-profit association Arts Embassy International (AEI).

Glocal Village

Body, Mind, & Voice - U.S. Consulate, Lyon - 2023

"Experience Cultural Unity Across Borders through the ARTS"

From its inception, AEI purposefully set out to share knowledge and experience of native cultural art forms across borders. The global audience is met on a local scale through personalized hands-on encounters with artists from other lands to create an unforgettable shared experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working in Concert

Through its unified roster of vetted artists and educators, AEI provides an array of resources that a lone artist might find difficult to accomplish by themselves. Consolidating communication, affirming the collective reputation #streetcred, and multiplying opportunities around the world for all involved.

Excellence in Artistry +

Passion for Arts Education = AEI

Roots 66 - U.S. Embassy, Togo - 2012

Those who can teach, also DO

Flying in the face of the out-of-date (and highly inaccurate!) assertion that "Those who cannot do, teach"... AEI's founding principles protect a space in which member artists can actively maintain the highly skilled practice and performance of their own art, while also satisfying their personal passion for passing on to others the arts related tools and skills that enrich people's lives.

A win-win for the artists themselves, and for the communities AEI serves.

Fiscal Sponsorship


AEI is itself a not-for-profit organization, subject to French legislation** — however, among its founding principles is the assertion that all good work deserves commensurate pay.

Through the relationships AEI cultivates with our supporters and other partners, we are able to provide a robust financing model through grant writing, sponsorship/partnerships, direct donations, and sales. And though we encourage occasional volunteering and free exchange, our programs' price tags are ultimately designed to provide competitive salaries for respective artist members and AEI staff.

Stay Tuned...

to Get involved!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the lowdown on how you too can become a part of Arts Embassy International as we gear up to prepare the road to the next level for AEI.

We'll soon be making a call-out for folks interested in lending their business acumen to the grand cause of Experiencing UNITY across borders through the ARTS.

*Acronym for "There's no such thing as a free lunch" - often attributed to sci-fi author Robert Heinlein.

**"loi 1901 sur les associations".


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