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Women Empowering Women — part DEUX

Body, Mind & Voice LE RETOUR à Vaulx-En-Velin, France!

Body, Mind, & Voice - Le Retour - Module 2 attendees in Vaulx-en-Velin May 2023

Empowered women are HAPPY women!

Module 2 - Integration

Arts Ambassadors Nicola Ayoub (dance) and Keri Chryst (voice) were excited to return to the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture (MJC) in the merry month of May to:

  • reconnect with the ladies of Vaulx-En-Velin,

  • assess their progress since Module 1 in March, and

  • pass on a few extra nuggets of artistic practice to help them integrate what they've learned on their journey to...

...full personal actualisation and self agency!

In Module 1, each of the three subjects — Body, Mind, & Voice* — was addressed as a separate concept. Introducing participants to fresh approaches for harnessing their inner ressources.

Module 2 offered an opportunity to begin to integrate the 3 elements as a complementary aspects of a unified and whole person.

*Corps, Voix, Esprit as it was translated en français.

Bobby McFerrin style "Circle Song" of joy

Deeper Dive

One day only!

Of the 35 women who participated in Module 1, ranging in ages from 17 to 70, a round dozen were able to coordinate their schedules with this return performance to benefit from this 2 and 1/2 hour deeper dive.

A final "Tableau" to clearly communicate the positive affirmation they'd randomly selected.

Review & Expand

And always dive right in!

Physical and Vocal warm-ups were engaged right off the bat — largely based on explorations from the previous session. This time, with the added twist of combining physical, vocal and mental aspects simultaneously and with clear purpose.

"The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind" — Équilibre / Déséquilibre

Equilibre / Déséquilibre

Balance and Imbalance

A recurring theme throughout the day was harnessing both stability and instability, in turns, as a means of generating agency and momentum.

Not only as a metaphor for the cycles of life, but also in artistic expression as evidenced in the final performance choreographed by Nicola Ayoub, and played and sung by Keri Chryst.

Follow the leader and FOCUS — your turn!

Leadership / Followship**

Module 2 also aimed to encourage each and every participant to seamlessly step into the role of leader and back again to follower through a number of coordinated movement exercises, as well a revisiting the Bobby McFerrin style improvised "Circle Song".

** Not a real word, obviously...

Self-directed creative use of space, levels, body, mind and voice in this "Tableau"

Focus, Intention, Cooperation

Our favorite exercise proved to be the group collaboration exercise known as "Tableau" wherein participants were called on to quickly, decisively and collectively illustrate a written text — in this case, one of our many collections of affirmations generated from Module 1 — and implement the many skills acquired throughout.

  • embodying clear emotional intent,

  • directing focus,

  • reversing negative thought patterns,

  • anchoring through the perineum,

  • clarity of articulation and vocal production...

Anonymous entry and exit surveys to track pertinence and meet audience needs and expectations.

Measuring Impact

We are simply overwhelmed by the positive feedback gleaned from the anonymous surveys*** we developed for this program!!

In their own words...

Q: What did you appreciate the most?

"The positive dynamic energy"

"Group dynamic of mutual empowerment"

"The presenters were a super dynamic duo"

Keri Chryst & Nicola Ayoub during a live performance of "Song&Dance" sponsored by U.S. Embassy, Djibouti 2014

"The ambiance"

"The pertinence of the exercises"

"The opportunity to share and connect with other, even on very personal topics"

"Shaking up old habits and getting out my comfort zone"


"The “Circle Song” group vocal improvisation"


"Reconnecting with my body and with my inner child"

"Lots of movement and body work"

Wanna bring Body, Mind, & Voice to YOUR Community?

(Women's) Entrepreneurship: The Art of Excellence, Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, Lomé, Togo 2012

Pairs nicely with...

Related workshops and/or performance pieces

Contact Arts Embassy International (AEI) and we'll make it happen!

A short walk along the Rhône after an intense planning session for Body, Mind, & Voice, Lyon 2023

Merci Beaucoup!

With extra special thanks to

***AEI is ever mindful of getting to know its attendees in order to rapidly assess the base level of knowledge, awareness and assurance the participants feel both coming in, and as they are leaving the sessions, and therefor monitor the real life effects of our collective efforts. Coupled with a minimum of demographic data also collected, this invaluable information will ensure that we continue to tailor the program to serve our audiences as we all evolve together. Feel free to contact us for more detailed reporting.


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