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Zambia Chronicles 2023 - Day 3 - R&R

Thank heavens for a quality night’s sleep in a bed fit for a princess 😉 After 23 hours of door to door travel on 3 different airplanes, we most certainly needed it !

And also grateful that Embassy policy typically includes an appropriate amount of rest and recuperation time upon arrival before diving into serious work.

In this case, we’re talking a full day to relax, recuperate, and organize.  More than enough to take advantage of the pleasant summery temperatures and warm breezes scented with local flora.

A short car ride to visit what constitutes the area’s main landmark attraction - the Mutanda Falls - and a chance to connect with our Embassy staff hosts in a less formal environment.

The weather is in that amazing sweet spot of warm in the sun, but not too hot, with pleasant fragrant breezes ever wafting. #whatalovelyday indeed! 💜🎶

#jazzsingerdeparis #ArtsEnvoy#ArtsEmbassyInternational #errandgirlforrhythm @CultureAtState


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