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Advanced Vocal Technique - 304

  • 1 h
  • 90 euros
  • Paris HQ

For healthy, balanced, and engaging singing in any style

About this class...

"Sing smarter, not harder!" A compliment to all other Advanced Level classes - Helping you to overcome any lingering barriers to flexibility and spontaneity of vocal production - Working towards consistency of sound and breath support so that all of your best ideas can emerge unhindered. Maximize your vocal potential while minimizing your physical effort. SPECIALTIES : - Healthy Chest voice (easier than you think!) - Unifying range from Chest to "Mix" to Head voice VOCAL TECHNIQUE : Posture - Breathing & Breathe support - Intonation - Projection - Tone Quality and Color STYLE : Phrasing - Rhythm - Tone Quality VOCAL HEALTH : Anatomy - Physiology - Day to day care DICTION : Pronunciation - Accents - Vowel Production - Articulation

Cancellation Policy

FOR GROUP CLASSES : Cancelation/Reimbursement is possible at any time up to the start of the course but deposits are non-refundable. If no deposit amount was specified at the time of registration, in case of cancellation 10% of total fees will be withheld in order to cover administrative costs related to registration/cancellation and remaining funds will be reimbursed. In addition, any missed classes are the sole responsibility of the student and cannot be made up by the instructor. However, in certain cases, a recording of the class missed may be made available for exclusive use by the student. FOR PRIVATE LESSONS : 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling/cancellation of a private lesson. Running late?? Please let us know within 20 mins of scheduled start time to avoid being charged as a "no show". Private appointments NOT cancelled in time will be charged as if they had taken place.

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