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Ear Training & Musicianship - 302-A

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  • Ended
  • 330 euros
  • Paris HQ

An approach to Sight Reading, Harmony and Theory adapted for Vocalists (Module A)

About this class...

The Vocalists' challenge: How can you read music when there are no "keys to press"? EAR TRAINING & MUSICIANSHIP — JVA302-A Not JUST for Singers... This course was originally developed by Keri Chryst for the students of Paris' Berklee Affiliate — The American School of Modern Music — to overcome the challenges vocalists face in sight reading and harmonic awareness. The GOAL of the course: To create AUTOMATIC LINKS from what your EYES see on the page, to what your EARS hear inside your mind — and therefor to what comes out of your VOICE when you open your mouth ...all without the use of any physical musical instrument. Course METHOD: Using the "moveable Do" system, we work methodically and logically through a series of interval relationships to create the automatic pathways in the brain between what we see, and the tone that that represents within the harmonic context of the piece. THE END RESULT? You will know at all times EXACTLY where you are harmonically - both on the PAGE and from what your EARS are hearing.

Cancellation Policy

FOR GROUP CLASSES : Cancelation/Reimbursement is possible at any time up to the start of the course but deposits are non-refundable. If no deposit amount was specified at the time of registration, in case of cancellation 10% of total fees will be withheld in order to cover administrative costs related to registration/cancellation and remaining funds will be reimbursed. In addition, any missed classes are the sole responsibility of the student and cannot be made up by the instructor. However, in certain cases, a recording of the class missed may be made available for exclusive use by the student. FOR PRIVATE LESSONS : 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling/cancellation of a private lesson. Running late?? Please let us know within 20 mins of scheduled start time to avoid being charged as a "no show". Private appointments NOT cancelled in time will be charged as if they had taken place.

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