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Cultural Diplomat? So they say...

New Page — all the programs!

I'm extremely excited to have figured out a simple-yet-thorough way to tell you all more about my various trips around the globe on cultural missions for the Public Diplomacy division of the U.S. State Department (and a few other entities).

Full Listing

When you visit the Cultural Ambassador page you can see all of the various programs that are on offer by me and my esteemed colleagues such as Jumpin' Jeff Hoffman (guitar), the spunky Nicola Ayoub (dance), franco-ameri-australian Daniel Gassin (piano), genuine frenchman Philippe Petit (piano/organ)... just to name a few...

Jump to it

Or, click on a program title here, and you'll go straight to the program description and history :

Upcoming missions?

Fingers crossed for a fresh trip to Zambia (my 3rd!) for another Entrepreneurship: The Art of Excellence series... and perhaps a little Song & Dance with underserved elementary school kids here in the big city #Paris.

Our motto

Please send some good vibes to me and my colleagues of Arts Embassy International...

We'd love to get back to work, empowering our fellow humans to "Experience unity across borders through the arts"!


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