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Jazz Harmony Vaccination

Yowza! I'm getting my brain kicked (in a good way) in this week's SMV Jazz Harmony Retreat !


We're only 4 days in (out of 10), and my head is spinning with juicy new ideas for how to create mo' bettah arrangements of mine and your favorite songs so they can be played and sung by voices and bands, big and small around the world!

I think I'll start with an SSA arrangement (with Rhythm Section) of the Charles Trenet classic La Mer — aka (Somewhere) Beyond the Sea. #vivelafrance

Found My Tribe

So cool to connect with singers and instrumentalists of all ages who are as geeky as I am about playing and singing the crunchiest smoothest richest harmonies that modern music has to offer :-). Lovely to meet you all!

You Can Too!

The June session is well underway — but it's not too late to sign up for the July session which starts on July 10th.

You'll find all the info you need on their website at

Virtual learning that WORKS

Shout out to primary instructors Jeremy Fox, Justin Binek and Matt Falker for all of their insight, wisdom and good will, and for figuring out how to make this happen ONLINE so that folks around the world can participate.

Between screen sharing, and being able to test concepts in-the-moment directly on my own keyboard and notation software... the virtual format actually has it's advantages here!

I highly recommend it.

Can't wait to share my new arrangements with you!

Once they get completed...


but first...

a NAP ;-)


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